Many people would like to volunteer internationally to help advance women’s rights, but they do not have the time or funds to travel to another country for several weeks or months. Similarly, many women and girls in developing countries need assistance to further their education or employment goals but do not have access to resources in their home communities or the funding or capacity to travel abroad to seek training. 

However, with the widespread availability of Internet and e-mail, international volunteers can now share their skills with women and girls in hard-to-reach places. Although nothing can take the place of direct, face-to-face exchanges between people, AIWR’s long-distance Empowerment Programs take advantage of the Internet and new Internet-based communication technology to help open the world to women and girls in developing countries through long-distance volunteers. AIWR currently has two Empowerment Programs, our Mentor Program and our English Program


To apply to become an English Program Volunteer, please e-mail the English Program Volunteer Application as an attachment to Lisa Herb at lisaherb@aiwr.org, after you have filled it out and saved your version. 

Mentor Program Update: The Mentor Program is currently seeking women attorneys to mentor Afghan women attorneys and law professors in legal English terminology and concepts. The Mentor Program is also seeking qualified ESL instructors to tutor Afghan women attorneys and medical professionals. 

To apply for the Mentor Program, please email the Mentor Volunteer Application as an attachment along with your resume to Gayle at gaylez@aiwr.org