It is our hope that the resources and links on this page will be helpful to our Central Asian partners, as well as our volunteers. We are always on the look out for additional helpful information to include – so please feel free to suggest resources by contacting Lisa Herb at

General Resources

Scholarship Information

Scholarship InformationDownload PDF
Information about potential scholarship opportunities for Afghan and Central Asian girls and women
Prepared by AIWR Volunteers in 2020

Other Resources

Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights Website
A very helpful website with extensive country-specific information relating to violence against women

Global Fund for Women

ESL Resources

General Practice

YouTube tutorials on English grammar and writing skills

Grammar, writing, vocabulary and reading topics

Grammar, vocabulary and games

British Council website – for practice of all skills

General language practice

Education for practice with different disciplines

Good for worksheets and all skills practice

General practice

General practice

General practice

General practice

Listening comprehension

Listening comprehension – using video for listening comprehension

Complete lesson plans with video and other resources

Listening practice

Online dictionaries & translation

Word Reference

Oxford Dictionaries

Collins Dictionary

Discrete language skills practice

Grammar Practice

Vocabulary Practice

Vocabulary and Grammar

Grammar, pronunciation and reading


English to Pashto Choose English to Pashto

Writing & Grammar

Online writing lab from Memos to Essays

Writing Guide for Undergrads

Reading & Listening Current Events Current Events Adult Education

Concordancer Words in Use