Kandahar Institute of Modern Studies (KIMS)

Since December of 2008, AIWR has been working with the KIMS (formerly the Afghan Canadian Community Center) to provide live English language training via Skype to female students at the center. KIMS is a professional educational institution in Kandahar that provides students with opportunities to receive education in Business Management, Information Technology, English and Communications, while providing members of the community with access to the Internet and online classes from Canadian and international institutions.

KIMS programs provide students with the skills needed to obtain employment to support themselves and their families, improve their communities and participate in the reconstruction of Afghanistan.

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Justice for All

Since 2010, AIWR has been working with Justice for All (JFA) in Kabul to provide long-distance legal mentoring to JFA’s attorneys. Founded in 2008, JFA works to strengthen the rule of law and expand access to justice for indigent women in Afghanistan. JFA also trains women about their constitutional and social rights, preparing them for leadership roles within Afghanistan’s legal and political sectors.

JFA is led by Afghan women who are intimately aware of the challenges Afghan women face and the most effective ways to solve them. JFA focuses on advocating for women’s rights through the law; this approach serves the dual purpose of rebuilding the justice system, a vital institution that has been decimated by years of war, and also empowering women. For more information about JFA, please see their website:

Abdul Mahir Hazim

Abdul Mahir Hazim
Assistant Professor, Law Faculty
Al Beroni University

AIWR is grateful to Professor Abdul Mahir Hazim for his work in identifying potential Mentees for AIWR's Mentor Program.

Wahida Hafiz Bakhtary

Wahida Hafiz Bakhtary
Program Associate at UN WOMEN

AIWR is grateful to Wahida Hafiz for her work in identifying potential Mentees for AIWR's Mentor Program.

Higher Education Project (2007-2010)

From July of 2007 to 2010, the Alliance partnered with the Afghanistan Higher Education Project to provide its English Program to Afghan women faculty members of Afghan universities. The Afghanistan Higher Education Project (“HEP”) was a USAID funded project, jointly implemented by the Academy for Educational Development, Indiana University and University of Massachusetts. HEP worked with 16 Afghan institutions of Higher Education across the country, training faculty members in a number of areas, including English language.

For more information about HEP, please see the following websites:;