Mentor Program

Providing A World of Volunteers To Afghan Women Leaders

Mentor Program Update: The Mentor Program is currently seeking women attorneys, judges, and law professors to mentor Afghan women's rights attorneys, judges, and law professors, helping them develop mastery in international law, women's rights law, comparative criminal law, and understanding complex English legal texts. We are also looking for women medical professionals to mentor Afghan women doctors in English medical terminology.

The Mentor Program helps build the capacity of Afghan women leaders by offering live, long-distance, one-on-one mentoring relationships with American women mentors. The Mentor Program selects qualified American women professionals to provide long-distance mentoring to Afghan women in the subject matter of the mentor’s expertise. The mentor and mentee meet weekly via Skype’s free computer-to-computer phone and instant messaging service.

One example of our Mentor Program includes a team of Seattle women attorneys who mentored an Afghan woman senator by helping her understand the legal and political terminology in the international treaties with which she works, and aided her in her legislative efforts to increase the country's penalty for rape. Another example is an American woman scientist who mentored a young Afghan dental student with biology classes. We have paired mentors with Afghan women attorneys who represent women in family law cases and to human rights/women's rights attorneys who trained thousands of Afghan women on voting rights and educated judges and police officers on domestic violence laws. The attorneys have also worked together to provide translations of Afghanistan legal code affecting women to the American Bar Association’s database on laws concerning women worldwide. Our mentors are currently working with women attorneys, prosecutors, judges, and law professors at a variety of women's rights and human rights organizations, courts, and universities in Afghanistan.