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Women's Rights in Afghanistan

Women have an important role in the society. They have the same rights as men. They are equal. In the past, women couldn’t study, work or wear stylish clothes. They didn’t have any roles or the freedom they should have. They couldn’t raise their voice for freedom. But now, women can work and study in general. They can go outside, and do what they want.

All women must fight for their rights because they make up half of the society. Like men, they should work, and they deserve to have the same rights as men. In some villages in Afghanistan, women still obey their husbands. Those men don’t let their wives get education. They even use violence against them.

My message for all women is that we should fight for our rights and for our freedom. We should get our education. We have the same roles as men do, so we should wake up. It’s time to stand up and raise our voice. We must stop this punishment on us.