In the Life

There Was a Girl by Name of Yasmeen

There was a girl by name of Yasmeen. She was one daughter of her parents and had three brothers. Her father loved her a lot that’s why they were doing whatever she was requesting. While she was an age of six, she really hoped to go to school like her friends and it was one of her big wish. When her brothers were studying or writing homework’s she was also sitting with them. When she became seven years old. She told to her father to admit her in school and told him that I also want to go to school like my brothers are going. As they were crustily cultural type so her father didn’t want to admit her so, he told her that I will think about it. At evening when her father talked with his wife and sons about her school. His sons got angry and said: Dad in our family and relatives none of the girl went out to get education so how can we let her. Also, it’s not good for her future too. People will think negative and will say negative about her, they will start abusing her. Please Dad, please we are requesting you that don’t do this. By hearing this in early morning she went to one of the religious leader and shared her problem with him. Religious leader Came to their home and talked with her father, guided him in the way of Islam that education is compulsory on every man and woman on that time Yasmeen also entered to the room her eyes were full of tears, started crying to her father and said: Please father give me permission. Afterwards her father told her stop crying and you should be ready tomorrow at 9:00 0’clock. She was very excited and all the night she was awake because of happiness. Her father admitted her to school and told her to study hard. When her brothers and relatives got news that Yasmeen is going to school. They tried a lot to make wall between Yasmeen and her education but her father was with her. Every day when she was coming from school she was convincing her father and with that convincing her father couldn’t stop her too. It was very difficult for her to continue studying but she did and despite all the problem from first till graduating she had the first position. By seeing this her brothers also got happy and felt proud. She finished high school in age of 17. Then again her relatives started saying to her father that she is young girl now, she should get marriage but she told them that this is not the time to marry I want to be a doctor, I want to make something from myself. Her relatives became very disappointed by hearing that so they said that ok that’s a challenge that how you will find a good life partner after getting that much high education, how someone will marry you when you are sitting with boys, there isn’t anyone to accept the girl whom is talking and having work relation with boys. Yasmeen smiled and answered with respect: I accept your challenge!

After eight years with studying hard Yasmeen finally fulfilled her wish and became a famous doctor that even she was treating her relatives which were against her. Lots of marriage proposals were coming for her which were educated and from wealthy family too but she wanted to move on more.

One day her father told her that “My dear sweet daughter you know when you were a child so I was calling you angel. You was my angel but now you are truly an angel in our whole family. I glory on you I love you a lot that’s why as a father I want to tell you something that you fulfilled your wishes. Now you should fulfilled my wish too. I want you to marry with someone and if you have someone in your mind otherwise you can select someone from these proposals. Yasmeen thought a lot and after few days she selected someone from proposals. Her father and brothers searched after him. His name was Yaseen, was an engineer, and was living in Kabul.

They liked each other after six months they got married and had a happy life. Her relatives apologized and said: after that we all will educate our children and there will be lots of Yasmeen’s in our family.