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The Pediatric Ward at Mirwais Hospital in Kandahar

Let me tell you about the improvements of the situation in Kandahar during the last seven years, for example we will talk about the pediatric ward in Mirwais hospital. Seven years ago the pediatric ward had the capacity of twenty patients and there were just ordinary rooms with no specialized equipments, not even oxygen concentrators were available. There was no I.C.U in the ward, which are very important, nor was there a nursery ward for babies under one month old with specialized equipments like incubators, special warmers, and phototherapy lights.
At that time there was no separate infectious disease ward to isolate special diseases like measles, whooping cough, typhoid fever, meningitis and diarrheal disease. The mortality rate was high: more than 10%.

Now the pediatric ward has expanded from 20 beds to 80 beds. There is a well-equipped I.C.U which has very advanced equipment, like pulse oximeters, cardiac monitors, ventilators, nebulizers and electric shock machines.

There is a very good nursery available which has the capacity of accommodating 15 patients at one time and there is a separate room for mothers with advanced equipment, like incubators, phototherapy machines, bilirubinometers, hemoglobinometers and facilities for exchange transfusion.

A separate isolation section is available for infectious diseases which has the capacity of 10 beds in 5 separate rooms. There is a therapeutic feeding unit for severe malnutrition patients. Thanks to the use of advanced equipment and modern facilities the mortality rate has decreased to 5%.