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Nuwroz is the Eid for fire worshippers. Fire worshipper have two days in the year to celebrate it. The first day is Mahirjan and the second is Nowruz.

Those two days have a very old history. The first time Nuwroz was celebrated was by fire worshippers because this was the first day that they accepted the religion of fire and they left the religion of Zardasht.

Zardasht was a prophet at that time and they celebrated this day when they started a fire and worshiped that fire. From then on every year they celebrate Nuwroz. Also, Nowroz was the way for the Jamshid king to tell the people that he was Allah.
Before the start of Nowruz , those people who celebrate Nowruz in Afghanistan and other countries they clean their homes and they usually buy clothes and new things for their homes. They go to Mazar-e-Sharif to the Blue Mosque to have picnics on the three days of Nowruz.

The first night of Nowruz, they cook different things for dinner: They cook spinach and white rice. They usually have specially dinner for Nowruz and they eat apple and honey and they always have 7 dried fruit and eggs.