In the Life

Nowroze (first day of the year) in Afghanistan

It is in the culture of Afghanistan that Afghans celebrate the first day of the year and call that day Nowroze (new day). On this day every one cheers and wears their new clothes. Everyone looks happy and goes on picnic or celebrates this day in their homes. Some people do good works and cheer because they believe that everything which they do on the first day of the year will happen to them all year long.

We have in our culture that on Nowroze people make Haft miwa (seven fruits) and drink and eat that on Nowroze. Also some people make Haft sin (seven S) which is a fruit or vegetable whose first letter is ā€œSā€ so they put that on the table and the guests come and eat that. The very popular dish in Afghanistan that people cook that on Nowroze and that is Samanak (a kind of Afghan dish which is made of wheat). Women cook this dish at the time of night and they invite their relatives for Samanak. When they are cooking this dish, girls are signing its song, dancing, and walking around this dish, and in the morning they eat that and also they send a plate of Samanak to their neighbors.

On Nowroze, some people go the picnic of Gul sorkh (red flower), in Mazar Sharif (a province of Afghanistan), because there in the shrine of Hazrat Ali they hold up the banner, and people stand there and pray for Allah.

by Khoshbina Popal