In the Life

My Wishes

Well, our life is full of wishes and desires and we never stop wishing and dreaming and each means a lot to us that we think if my wish comes true, then I don’t need anything and that would be the best day of my life...

I have many dreams and desire too that each means the world for me and if I get them come true so for me that would be a great day of my life.

But if I talked of only a day then that would be:

When I see all my family, friends and loved ones happy, when there won’t be any problems in our homeland “Afghanistan”, when I am a great dentist and all the people are happy around me. If I get them all together then that would be a Day of My Life or the best day of my life. Because for me the happiness of others means a lot more than the happiness of myself and my happiness means nothing when others are in trouble.

by a dental student in Kabul, Afghanistan