In the Life

My Trip to India

I left for India on Friday, March 20, 2009 at 9:45 in the morning Afghanistan time. We arrived there in 45 minutes, arriving at 12:00 p.m. Indian time in Delhi international Airport by a plane.

I was there in India for CEDAW Shadow report writing training. The training was organized by IWRAW and AWSDC. I was there as an observer and also to gain knowledge about the Shadow report writing. The training was from 21 to 25 March. It means we stayed in India from 20 to 26 March and we left there early in the morning.

First time we came out of the airport it was nice to see India. There was a big difference between India and Afghanistan, so I was jealous for my country that why not all these things in Afghanistan. New Delhi was clean. They have a big university there. They used canalization to carry the water down the sides of the streets. It had lots of green and trees. The streets are made from asphalt. In Kabul, there are lots of dust and lots of traffic, where people have to put their hand to their mouth. Then I saw a lot of poor people there sleeping on the streets which made me sad, and then I thought that we have the similar problem in our country. I can say that overall I liked it when I got there first and when I left the city for the airport. I then realized I should come back to India with family soon for a visit.

A lot of funny things happened in India because I was there with a lot of young girls and they all were very funny. In fact in each shop we went we had fun with them. The young girls would ask “How much” in Farsi, which is similar to Arabic. The cashier was not able to reply in Farsi, and when they were asking "where are you from", then we were saying we are from Arabic countries. The Director of the NGO used some words of the Koran which made them think we were from an Arabic country. Then we ran into the man that was actually a Muslim and we felt ashamed.

The thing that surprised me about India was the food, because any food there was very spicy, even MacDonald burgers were so very spicy to eat. The shocking thing was that they were using a kind of stick (incense) and burning it to generate a good smell in shops, street and homes.

Yeah, I 100% want to go back to India to see the Taj Mahal and also to go shopping, but not alone this time, I want to go there with mom and my family.

by a woman from Kabul