In the Life

My Childhood

In the name of the Almighty Allah. My name is Narges and I am 28 years old. I was born in 1983 in Kandahar Province. I want to tell you about my childhood. I went to my mother to tell me about my childhood. She said I was a quiet and pretty girl. For this reason, they always called me Shaima. Shaima means "like the moon."

When I was three years old the Taliban attacked our country and there was a bad situation in Afghanistan. Therefore, we immigrated to Iran. At that time we had nothing and we had to start a new life. My father and brothers tried a lot to make a comfortable life for us.

Before I went to school I was a witty child who liked to tease people. I played tricks on the people in the neighborhood with my friend. For example, we rang a doorbell of our neighbors and we skipped off, but we couldn't escape. When they opened the door we told them that their neighbors were having a party and they invited you. When they went to their neighbor’s house, they knew that we tricked them. After that they came to complain about us to our parents.

I went to school when I was six years old and I found some new friends. When I passed the first grade, my father bought a nice bicycle for me. I have been keeping it with me until now.