In the Life

Let's Do It Together

by Freshta Bakhtari

Let’s be happy, let’s do it together,
It is not so hard, let’s start laughing together,
Let’s do it.
Let’s walk, let’s do it together,
Stand beside me and start walking,
We can walk together with no fear,
Let’s do it.
Let’s make a wish, let’s do it together,
Let’s close our eyes, imagine a world of peace,
You can forget everything for a moment,
Let’s do it.
Let’s talk, let’s talk together,
It is so good, let’s look into each other’s eyes,
Let’s share our desires, the desire of living in a world of humanity,
Let’s hear each other’s voice instead of the sound of bombs,
Let’s do it.
Let’s stand up, let’s do it together,
Give me your hand, it can be possible,
It can make us feel strong and stand up for justice,
Let’s do it.
Let’s live, let’s do it together,
We can live our life, without fear of death,
It can happen,
Let’s do it.
Let’s forget, let’s do it together,
Let’s forget the tears, sadness, loneliness, and the past,
Let’s start over again, it sounds great!
Let’s do it.
It can be very hard, but we can do it together,
We will face lots of problems, but we can end sorrows,
We will see the real faces, but we can prove that living is not difficult,
Maybe it is difficult,
TOGETHER with each other,
TOGETHER like one hand,
TOGETHER like one body,
TOGETHER like a heart with two halves.