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Instability in Peshawar

The main purpose of my article is to discuss instability in Peshawar. There are three main causes of instability in Peshawar: power shortages, economics and terrorism crises.

The first cause of instability in Peshawar is power shortages. People suffer difficulties due to this crisis. In one day, some districts lose power for anywhere from six to ten hours, so it creates problems not only for the students but also for the factory workers and for the housewives. People can’t do any work without electricity. In some houses the electronic things burn out when the electricity suddenly turns off; this is one of the main sources of instability in Peshawar.

The second cause of instability in Peshawar is the economic crisis. People can’t afford to buy things for their families because of high prices, especially flour. It is very difficult for a poor person to buy 1Kg of flour for his family because he earns 100roupes in a day and the price of 1Kgr flour is 35roupes. How can they buy 1Kgr flour or other things for their children?

Terrorism is the third cause of instability in Peshawar. Bomb blast, kidnappings, gun fire—these are the things which happen twice a week in Peshawar. No one feel safe in this area because of these crises.

People went outside at night in the past but people can’t go outside in these days and they can’t do their work in safe environments.

In conclusion, I would like to say. That it is the duty of government of Pakistan to control the crises and they should take some important steps for their people. Then all the crises—if those are power shortages, economics or terrorisms—will be solved.

by a girl living in Peshawar