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How Can You Get A Scholarship?

By An AIWR Student

If you want to get a scholarship first of all you would look for a good country’s scholarship. After that you have to apply for the scholarship.

After they contact you, then you need to study hard and prepare yourself well for the exam. After passing the exam your second stage will be filling in the form carefully and giving an excellent interview. Also I shouldn’t forget about the medical check-up form that you have to complete.

After that you need to be patient as it may take three months or more before you hear from them again.

At this time you have to earn or collect approximately 60 thousand Afghani which you will need if they accept you for the Scholarship.

Also if you don’t have a passport you should apply for that too.

Finally when they accept you and you have achieved your aim, don’t forget you will need to find someone in that city to help you. You can also contact those students who will be also going with you, because you will be able to help and support each other.