In the Life

Finishing School

by a Kandahar Student

I will be leaving school in one month, and our exams start in two weeks. We have 15 subjects and every subject has 50 or 60 questions. We should remember them all and be well prepared in every subject. My favourite subjects at school are Biology, Dari, Pashto, Economics, English, two subjects that are about our holy Islam and others. After the exams my classmates and I will have a party; it will be the last party where we will all be together. Then we will separate and I don’t know how and when we will meet each other.

I am feeling both happy and sad: happy because I am finishing my schooling and can start a new life and get more freedom; and sad because I love my classmates like my own sisters and I will separate from them. I will miss my school. I will also miss my teachers because they are like our friends. They are very kind and we can tell them our problems without any worry.

If I get good grades in my exams I will be very happy because it will help me a lot to have a good career in the future. If I go to University I might study whatever my family wants, because I don’t have any idea. I might study Journalism or Law if that is possible. If I decide not to go to University straight away I will start working for a few months. At the centre I will just have my Skype and management class, because I will have finished all my English books. My father thinks that whatever I want to do is OK. If I want I can start University or I can increase my English classes at the centre. He also thinks that it might be a good idea to start working somewhere.

If I go to another country to study I will be very worried and maybe feel lonely because I won’t know anyone there. I won’t have any friends to solve my problems with. In another country I will have to do all my work by myself and maybe I will find the situation difficult at first.

Learning English has helped me a lot, because if I go to another country I won’t have any problem talking to the people there. I enjoy learning English because I have very good and intelligent teachers that are very kind and social with me, like my English teachers at the centre and my Skype teacher. In fact I am really very thankful to Almighty Allah that he gave me kind teachers that I feel very comfortable and happy with.