In the Life

Fawzia's Story

This is Fawzia an Afghan girl from Peshawar, Pakistan. I live with my brothers, sisters and stepmother. I have a very large family, I have 10 sisters and five brothers from two mothers. All my brothers and sisters are well educated. Four of my brothers and five of my sisters are living in different parts of world with their families and the rest of our family is living here in Peshawar, Pakistan. It is quite enjoyable living in a such a big family, first you never miss anyone else in your life, second you find lots experience and you find the best social manner because you see lots of differences in a big family. It has some negative points as well. As I grew up I have never had a single room for myself or, for example, my father couldn’t buy lots toys for us because if he bought for my younger sister I would cry, why not for me like this many more things.

I was born 12th May in Kabul Afghanistan, when I came into this world I had loads of wishes and hopes, but unfortunately none of my wishes and hope have come true.

First of all I was born in a country where there was fighting between each other. I don’t remember it, but I will tell you my own experience of life.

I do remember my childhood. My childhood wasn’t as enjoyable as you people have so do enjoy your childhood because it won’t come again. We passed our childhood in such a environment that people were not able to go for picnic or some other enjoyment, our enjoyment was to play with each other and to go market to buy groceries. As I remember my childhood it was very normal as I was very close to my sister who is older than me. We both enjoyed a lot, we were like ordinary kids we had fun, going to school, enjoy sports day. They all were for a very short time but we were in this kind of environment that there wasn’t a guarantee of peace for one minute of your life. All the nights and days there were sounds of rockets.

We hadn't slept at night from the sounds of it and in day when we went to school in first period they gave us a holiday to go home because they couldn’t take responsibility of our life due to sounds of bombs and rockets. As always, in news we watched and observed it but we didn’t know what these things were, we were very young, but I never realized that these rockets and bombs will one day take my mother from me.

My mother passed away in a rocket blast. I was in class sixth, I will never forget the day that my elder sister came to my school and said please Miss give Fawzia permission to go home with me because my mother got injury in her leg. When I went home there was a rush of people in our house. At that young age I saw my mother full of blood I asked her why are you full of red color? She didn’t reply to me. I asked my father why she didn’t answer me. He said she won’t talk to you anymore because she doesn’t like this world any more. I asked him she doesn’t like me also and she doesn’t miss any of us anymore. My father said no she will miss you, I said no if she misses us so why does she want leave us. My father shouted at me and said go out of my sight. After that, when me and my younger sisters asked him where is my mother he told us that she became a star in the sky. My elder sister look after me and my younger sisters, so day by day the condition and situation get worse so my father decided to leave Kabul and we came to Peshawar, Pakistan. So we have came from Kabul in 1992. We have normal life here, but we still miss our country and the people of our country. They lived in a such a bad condition, thousands of children saw their mothers and fathers in blood and thousands of fathers and mothers saw their children in blood. When my life was going normal way my father became sick, he had lung problems. From the day my father was sick I thought that I am also going to lose my life because my father was very near and dear to me. In 2005 when my father passed away I thought that my life is also finished, but I am still a live and my life continues.

Something that I want from the ones who read my story, please respect your parents, love them, obey them because they are like angels for us. We don’t know the value of them, then when we lose them we knew how important they are in our life.

This is a real story of young Afghan girl. Can you imagine that a young girl can face this much difficulties in her life, who left her homeland 15 years ago. What about the people (women and children) of Afghanistan that still suffer these difficulties. Now you can imagine and describe an Afghan woman.

by Fawzia