In the Life

Dreaming of a Bright Future for Afghanistan

In the Life

Dreaming of a Bright Future for Afghanistan

Because of 3 decades of war in Afghanistan most people left school and emigrated to other countries and now also there are some people who don’t consider the happiness of Afghans and they try to ruin Afghanistan. They prevent us from making progress and rebuilding Afghanistan.

The person with a family full of hope will make sure he gets a good education so that he can have a happy life himself and serve his people and his country. But that person could be killed at any moment.

In these circumstances Afghanistan can never get better. But fortunately Afghans never accept failure but get on with their lives despite difficulty.

Many young people are joining Afghan forces to defend their country.
By the help of Merciful Allah they will bring peace and security soon. Nowadays most Afghans are trying to get an education so I think after several years most people will be educated if the educational level of a country is high it will have positive changes in a country. The educated persons will have their own factories and we won’t need to import everything from other countries.

We will have mineralogists to exploit the minerals and then we will have a good economy and we won’t need to receive financial help from other countries.

We will have enough doctors and people won’t need to travel to foreign countries for treatment. To have a bright future you need to have good ideas. If we make our ideas come true we can make a good future for all Afghan.

I look forward to the day when Afghanistan is at peace and people no longer have sadness and family problems.

The air won't be polluted by bomb smoke and people will have a good place to live for all Afghans.

This is my dream for my country now my dream for my own life.

I will marry when my parents chose a person for me and I would like to have two children, a boy and a girl. We will live in Kandahar province. I would not like to live in an apartment. It would be too boring because it doesn’t have a yard, trees or grass.

I would like to live in house with a big yard which has some trees, a vegetable garden and a flower bed.

I will wear Afghani dress and I will have a beauty parlour where I will work.
If we want to go somewhere on holiday I will suggest Iran for its shrines.