In the Life

Afghan Girl

by Parvana

I am Parvana. I want to share some words of an Afghan girl’s life. I hope you will like it.

Afghan girls are faced with big problems. But people never say it is a problem, they are hard and say I am worthless and I should suffer all these problems. My heart is broken.

First the Afghan girl has problems in her father’s house. She is out of the education area or they are not allowed to go to school.

The second is when she gets married. I have seen many girls who do not have permission to leave the house. She can’t go to the bazaar to buy something for herself. She does not have permission to choose her own way of life.

Afgan girls can’t get a love marriage. The father says who they marry.

Afgan girls are married to very old men and it is not good. When she gets married she has many problems.

All her hope will die, because no one hears her voice, just her silence.

I want to make change, that one day in Afghanistan the people will hear Afghan girl’s sound.

I am studying very hard to become a lawyer so I can progress my country and give our country women’s rights. So I can bring that day to Afghanistan when the people will hear the Afghans girl’s sound.

I am a management studies student of Calgary University, Canada. I do this course online in Afghanistan. In my recent exam I got A+.

I also study Modern English and computer courses. I do all these courses at the Afghan Canadian Community Center. Afghan Canadian Community Center is my best helper in my life.

My family are motivating me to study hard. My father says education is everything. He makes me and my sisters speak in English, because he says English is a very important language to learn. I am working as English teacher in governmental school to help Afghan girls learn.

I try very hard to learn because one day I will bring light to the Afghan girls’ minds, because they do not know their rights.

They only know respect of family. My dream is to study law at Calgary University, Canada or at Oxford University, England.

To help the Afghan women know they have rights.